You're one talk away from a big business breakthrough...
In just 5 days, I'll show you how to CRAFT A TALK that will help you stand out, serve more people & attract new business right in the room.
Here's What I Created For You!
Your Secret Sauce: Because this step will color everything else you do with your own unique style, we start here. Uncover what's unique about you, your personality, and style so that you know exactly how your message can stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace.
Your Top Talk Topic:  I’ll reveal the framework I use to organize all the cool stuff you know, into the content people want most! Uncover the best message to market with to keep your business filled with a steady stream of incoming leads and clients. (Plus, learn the hidden gift of this step... more leveraged revenue down the road!)
The Rockin Talk Template:  Gain access to my easy-to-follow talk roadmap, so you'll never again wonder what goes in your talk, and what you should leave out. Learn the most common mistakes that will bungle your results right in the opening, and what to do instead to set yourself up for success whenever you're speaking in a webinar, live talk, or interview.
Command Any Room:  Holding people's attention is more challenging than ever & yet this is critical to your success online and off. So I want to show you how to create a deeper connection between you and your tribe. Learn simple steps anyone can implement to break down barriers, & turn a room of strangers into highly-engaged fans cheering for you... and happy paying clients working with you, all year round.
Monetize Your Message: This is where the rubber meets the road my friend! So to end this challenge on a high note, I'm going to walk you through 7 simple strategies for turning your message into more business opportunities and record-breaking revenue for your business. Because we want you making a big difference, and making big money all at the same time!

This is a fluff free zone!
We'll have some fun for sure, but I like to bring you the real deal... we're going to start crafting the talk that will take your biz to the next level!

Oh and by the way, in case we've not had the chance to meet yet...
I'm Kristin "Rock Your Talk" Thompson, your host for the
Craft Your Talk Challenge!

Join me inside the challenge to get started, and by the time you're done
you'll have a complete roadmap for turning your message
into the fastest way to grow your business!
(while making a big difference too)
I’m Kristin Thompson, Founder of SpeakServeGrow and creator of popular programs like Rock Your Talk, Command Any Room, and The Rise Live Event. 

A while back, the economy was in the dumpster and my business was right there with it.

We had tons of bills from a high risk pregnancy & hospital stay for me and our son, and then the icing on the cake, my husband got laid off. It was a scary time with a newborn baby at home. 

My husband happens to be a totally brilliant network engineer.

So amazingly, in the worst job market ever, he immediately got a new job. That stopped the money leaks, but it wasn’t going to get us out the hole we were in. And I was making LESS than $30k a year before taxes, so I wasn’t helping.

I was making some critical mistakes that were holding me back.

I was speaking to groups and organizations (a great idea by the way), but I didn’t have the right strategy to convert sales. So I was getting more compliments than paying clients. Big problem.

My only “product” was a workshop.

So I’d make money selling the workshop, then I’d lead the workshop, and then my income started from ZERO again. I was scraping together each month’s revenue as it came. 

And God help me if I got sick, because every part of the equation required me to be working. It made me feel like I wasn’t successful- when really I just didn’t have the right structure.

And I didn’t really know how I could be myself, care about my clients, be a good mom, and grow my business all at the same time. 
It seemed impossible until a few critical shifts changed everything.

The Rock Your Talk Program (which is the course that ALL my clients go through now) walks you through the five keys I finally uncovered that skyrocketed my business from $30k a year to $30,000.00 hours— without skyrocketing my work schedule.

In fact, I’ve led one-hour talks and webinars that generated $10,000.00, $30,000.00, $50,000.00 even $100.000.00. I’ve led workshops and online programs that generated multiple six figures. These are numbers that once boggled my mind. Crazy, right!?

The “secret” is in combining your personality & your expertise into a system (a message really) that will become the engine of your business. We’re going to use your message to get you highly visible AND it will be structured properly to convert clients (in a leveraged way) all at the same time!